Top 10 Bollywood Actress Who Involved In Sex Trade

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Today Bollywood industry is a place where all want to try their luck. Where everyone wants to try their luck. There is also another aspect of money and fame here. If we talk about other aspects, then many such actors are present in Bollywood even today, who have never had any relationship with the business before coming to Bollywood. Let us know about 10 actresses who caught in this regard.

Top 10 Bollywood Actress Who Involved In Sex Trade

1. Sherlyn Chopra

Shrylin Chopra is a very famous film actress She shot nude photography for Playboy magazine, tweeted 2 years ago that she used to have sex for money but now she has given up.

2. Mishti Mukherjee

Mishti Mukherjee is a Bengali film actress. Who arrested by the Mumbai Police for the crime of prostitution. Around 1 lakh CDs and DVDs of pornographic films recovered from her plush flat.

3. Shweta Prasad Basu

Shweta Basu awarded by the National Award in 2002 for film Spider. Some time ago there news that this actress arrested by the police for running a sex gang.

4. Aish Ansari

Aish Ansari, Tamil film actress who arrested in 2013 by the Jodhpurs police for running a sex racket under the guise of an escort service.

5. Bhuvneshwari

Bhuvneshwari , Tamil film actress, Who arrested by the Chennai police for prostitution.

6. Yamuna

Kannada actress Yamuna was arrested by the police in 2011 from Bangalore for running a sex racket. Its customers used to come to five star hotels in Kannada from cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

7. Shrawani


Shravani, who has worked in Telugu serials Himabindu and Laia, was arrested by the police in 2013 for allegedly running a high profile sex racket.

8. Saira Bano

Hyderabad police arrested Saira Bano in 2010 and busted her sex racket.

9. Kinnera

The sex racket of South Indian actress Kinnera was revealed in a sting operation of a TV channel. Which revealed that he is a broker.

10. Sunny Leon

Sunny Leone needs no introduction. Today Sunny has become a well-known face in Bollywood, but she was also involved in body trade before coming to Bollywood.

So these are the top 10 actress who were found in such activity. Share your opinion in comment box. If you are reading this post on Facebook then like the page or in website subscribe us for more interesting posts.

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