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Notebook Movie Review:The bent has always followed in Bollywood. Hindi films had overshadowed by North India for a long time, and now filmmakers are taking an interest in the stories of Kashmir.

The Notebook, directed by Salman Khan Production’s Nitin Kakkar, is also woven on Kashmiri backdrops. In the latest release ‘Hamid’, where Kashmiri issues threaded through searching for the lost father, Ashwin Kumar’s ‘No Fathers in Kashmir’ will be seen expressing the pain of the Kashmiri people in the coming week.

While problems linked to Kashmir have highlighted in other films, ‘Notebook’ has a story around the erudite love. You all may not view this love in the digital world. However, this ‘idea of ​​love’ will surely attract you.

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Notebook Movie Story:

The story of the film ‘Notebook’ begins in Kashmir, where one day Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) gets a call that he has to come to his ancestral house and fulfil his father’s dreams.

On arriving homeward, he gets to know that the school where his father cleared the hope of educating Kashmiri children, now there is not an individual teacher.

Actually, in the Wular Public School in the middle of a lake, without electricity, Once a teacher of water and mobile network, i.e. Firdaus (Pranutan Bahl) used to educate children. After Firdaus is gone, that charge is transferred to Sir Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal).

While teaching the children, he gets a notebook and then Kabir’s life changes completely. That Notebook belonged to Paradise, and in it, he made his statement about the philosophy of life.

After studying that Notebook, Kabir comes genuinely in love with Paradise. Later, Firdaus also befalls in love with Kabir.

The most interesting point is that these two have nevermore seen each other. Will the love-loving couple get it or not? You will have to watch the film to know it.

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 Speaking about direction, filmmaker Nitin Kakkar has moved gently on the problems of Kashmir onward with a love story.

Here, let us tell you that ‘Notebook’ is a Hindi adaptation of the Thai film ‘The Teachers’ Diary’. The plot of the film is entertaining but lacks the screenplay.

The description of deep love is very passionate, but it has germinated a lot of time to finish it, although Humor has prefaced differently.

It is very pleasant to see the beautiful scenes of Kashmir with the camera of cinematographer Manoj Khatoi.

Nitin Kakkar, he has produced films like ‘Filmistan’ and ‘Friends’, does not skip to provide a message that Kashmiri children should have ammunition in their hands or books by throwing ordnance in the water at the climax?

Talking about acting, both the newcomers Zaheer and Pranutan look like fresh flowers. Salman Khan has ever been performing the industry get two or four with new talent, and this can be called his original search.

No makeup looks seem natural, while Zaheer has managed to make an impact. All the child actors of the film have strengthened the story with their actions.

The songs have become good in Vishal Mishra’s music.

Why watch: If you are enamoured of passionate movies, then you can see this movie.

Notebook Movie Trailer

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